Death Fund Update

Dear Reader, 

Did you hear the news? Death Fund is now available as an audiobook on Apple! Yes. Seriously!  
Death Fund, the debut novel that follows cool and savvy fraud investigator Alex Greene on a big money-murder case, is shaking up the legal thriller genre by collaborating with A.I.
Ice Queen Press is out in front of the narrated book game with this audiobook asset, and I am thrilled to share the new link with you.
Check out the future of narrated books by immersing yourself in a world of fast-paced action, expensive taste, and high-tech pursuit of white-collar crooks by one incredible lawyer turned investigator.
Tune in for your morning run, or turn it up during the car ride to the cottage.
Fair warning: If you have kids under 18 along for the ride, consider blasting some Taylor Swift instead.
More good news, Stina has an agent. After her Kirkus buy recommendation, Stina was approached by an agent out of Paris to represent her. Stina will be represented by Laurie Blum Guest of the Re-naissance Agency.
Stina will be attending the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 18-20th) to pitch her book with her agent to interested European publishers. 
All the best,
Stina Hemming

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