The Alex Greene Legal Thriller Book Series

“A solid series starter that never flags in its sprint to a sinister climax.”

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Stina Hemming has written a series of legal thrillers about crime, fraud, and mayhem in the capital markets—and the lawyers who paper the corruption. Hemming’s protagonist is Alex Greene, a US-trained lawyer turned securities investigator, whose job is to unravel fraud and deceit in the capital markets. Living in Paris, Alex works for Basel Re, an international insurance firm, and her investigations require her to traverse the globe. Alex is relentless in her pursuit of the Wall Street fraudsters who will go to any length—including murder—to protect their money and reputations.

To get the job done, Alex, an attractive forty-something with martial arts skills, teams up with two unexpected allies: Max Pound is a former agent of the DGSE, the French equivalent of the CIA; and Joshua “Wolfman” Workman is a Mossad-trained assassin. Alex’s unconventional investigation methods, which are not always within the four corners of the law, consistently result in favorable outcomes for her client, but do not always serve the common good.

Focusing on the attorneys who service and often facilitate securities fraud, Hemming’s books highlight the high stakes and complexity of the capital markets and the grey area between right and wrong, legal and illegal, that Alex Greene and other lawyers operate in.

Death Fund
A legal thriller suspense novel

Death Fund features the bizarre and morbid world of life settlement funds—aka death funds. As the bullets whiz by and fists fly, Alex quickly learns that the Russians and their lawyers will go to any length—including murder—to close the IPO.

Stashed Cash
A financial thriller story 

In Stashed Cash Alex investigates an insurance policy claim and discovers that Martha’s death was not an accident and a fund manager with a billion dollar AUM has also taken out life insurance policies on hundreds of other unhoused people with addiction issues.

Easy Money
A white collar crime novel

Easy Money features the unscrupulous world of legalized cannabis in American society⁠—the next American gold rush⁠—and the transformation of gangs into respected participants on Wall Street.

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