Stashed Cash

A financial thriller story

Stashed Cash is the second in Stina Hemming’s legal thriller series. Alex Greene is brought in to investigate an insurance policy claim related to Martha Graham, a wealthy but troubled Ivy League law student, who is found dead of a drug overdose under a freeway underpass in Seattle, Washington. The beneficiaries of Martha’s policies include her ex-fiancée and Malachi Investments, a West Coast hedge fund manager.

Things go from bad to worse when Alex discovers that Martha’s death was not an accident and that Malachi Investments has also taken out life insurance policies on hundreds of other unhoused people with addiction issues. Malachi’s scam is masterminded by the fund’s two promoters, one of whom was a former “prosperity preacher.”

The book focuses on the messianic aspects of Wall Street and the profit motives among the religious right.

Read Chapter 1 Preview Here

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