Easy Money

A white collar crime novel 

Easy Money features Alex Greene, a securities lawyer turned investigator who tackles white-collar crime and securities fraud in the capital markets. Trained in martial arts and fiercely intelligent, Alex is relentless in her pursuit of exposing the perpetrators of white-collar crime. She teams up with the FBI, Interpol, and a Mossad-trained hitman to get the job done.

Easy Money is the third legal thriller in Stina Hemming’s series and features the unscrupulous world of legalized cannabis in American society⁠—the next American gold rush⁠—and the transformation of gangs into respected participants on Wall Street.

When a young lawyer named Leah Simon is kidnapped while visiting a marijuana farm in Nigeria, Alex is called in to negotiate the ransom and secure Leah’s release, leading to unexpected and deadly twists and turns. The book focuses on the role of organized crime in the development of the legitimate marijuana production and distribution business in America.

Read Chapter 1 Preview Here

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