I self-published my first book, Death Fund

Dear Reader,

It finally happened: I self-published my first book, Death Fund, on Amazon under the pen name of Stina Hemming. My second book, Stashed Cash, will be available in January, and a third, Easy Money, at the end of Q1.

Featuring murder and mayhem in the capital markets, the books expose the financial scams that have been perpetrated since, say, 300 BC when a Greek merchant named Hegestratos took out a large insurance policy on a shipment of corn. Hegestratos borrowed money and agreed to pay it back with interest when the corn was delivered; however, on a default, the lender was entitled to the cargo and the boat used for its transportation. Hegestratos’s greedy scheme to sink his own empty boat, keep the loan money, and sell the corn failed when his crew and passengers caught him in the act of sabotage! He drowned trying to escape.

Since time immemorial, fraudsters such as Hegestratos have tried to work the system to their pecuniary advantage. But, as Hegestratos tragically learned, it is difficult to pull off a big con alone. If he’d had a lawyer, an accountant, and a financial advisor backing him up, Hegestratos might have gone on to scam another day. That’s why my books are about the gatekeepers, the professionals who paper the scams and enable the fraudsters.

To produce this legal thriller series, I’ve had a lot of help along the way—from writers, editors, beta readers, marketing professionals, and friends, family and colleagues. I thank them for their support.

So, please buy my book.

It’s now available in paperback and available for download on Amazon Kindle.

Here’s the link. If you like it, tell your friends!

The book will also soon be available on other platforms, such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Nook, and Apple.


Stina Hemming


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