Girls Just Want to Have Funds

Girls Just Want to Have Funds features Alexis Olsen, a Cornell-trained securities lawyer, turned insurance investigator who investigates white color crime and securities fraud in the capital markets. Trained in martial arts and fiercely intelligent, she is relentless in her pursuit of exposing the perpetrators of white collar crime. She teams up with the FBI, Interpol, as well as a Mossad trained hitman to get the job done. Alexis’ job it is to unravel fraud and deceit in the US Capital markets. Alexis does not always play by the rules.

Girls Just Want to Have Funds is Book IV in Stina Hemming’s legal thriller series and features the sordid world of cryptocurrency scams, one of the greatest destroyers of wealth in the financial history of the United States, and follows the lives of two Wall Street lawyers who first create and sell the fund right under the noses of securities and financial services regulators and their flight from justice. In a market confused about cyrptocurrencies, the two senior female lawyers sell their outright scam to Wall Street investment bankers. Alexis is brought in to investigate insurance claims by the bankers that underwrote the funds and lost $200,000,000 in the process.

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