Willful Blindness

Willful Blindness is the first in Stina Hemming’s legal thriller series and features the bizarre and morbid world of life settlement funds – AKA death funds. Alex Greene is a Cornell-trained lawyer turned insurance investigator who investigates white collar crime and securities fraud in the capital markets. Trained in martial arts, and expert sharpshooter and fiercely intelligent, she is relentless in her pursuit of white collar criminals. Greene is brought in to investigate a series of suspicious deaths after life insurance claims are made by a Chicago-based life settlement fund known as a death fund. The business of the death fund is cashing in on life insurance policies purchased from hapless policy holders when they die.

When Greene is brought in, the death fund is in the final stages of a billion dollar IPO heightening the stakes for the fund and Greene. She is forced to take on the Russian mafia backers of the fund, a homicidal American lawyer and a Mossad trained assassin in an investigation that spans the globe and puts her life and ethics on the line. Alex quickly learns that the Russians and their lawyers will go to any length – including murder — to close the IPO. As the body count continues to rise, Alex Greene is required to draw on all her skills to stop the killing spree.

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