About Stina Hemming and the Legal Thriller Series

Stina Hemming is a pseudonym for the author, a lawyer whose law practice – spanning three decades in North American capital markets – forms the basis of her explosive legal thrillers. The series focuses on the not-so-good, the bad and the ugly of Wall Street and the role of the attorneys in perpetuating a system that operates for the benefit of the rich and powerful and to the detriment of the average investor by exploring the lengths that all the players in the capital markets, large and small, will go to accumulate wealth and retain it.

Stina Hemming’s protagonist is Alex Greene, an attractive, forty-something U.S. lawyer turned insurance investigator, whose job it is to unravel fraud and deceit in the capital markets. Living in Paris, Alex works for Basel Re, an international insurance firm and her investigations require her to traverse the globe. Trained in martial arts, an expert sharpshooter and fiercely intelligent, Alex is relentless in her pursuit of the perpetrators of Wall Street fraud who will go to any length — including murder — to protect their money and reputations.

To get the job done, Alex teams up with tow unexpected allies, a former member of the French equivalent of the CIA, the DGSE and a Mossad trained assassin. Her unconventional investigation methods, which are not always within the four corners of the law, consistently result in favorable outcomes for her client, but do not always serve the common good. Focusing on the attorneys who service and often facilitate securities fraud, the books highlight the high stakes and complexity of the capital markets and the grey area between right and wrong and legal and illegal that Alex Greene and other lawyers must operate in.

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